Tork Antimicrobial S4 Foam Soap Clear 6 x 1000ml (520800)

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Tork Antimicrobial S4 Foam Soap Clear 6 x 1000ml (520800) | Tork Products

Wash hands thoroughly with Tork® Antimicrobial Foam Soap. Its low-alcohol formula is highly effective against bacteria, virus and yeasts. It combines normal hand wash and sanitizing into one washing procedure. It's also perfume and colour free which reduces allergic reactions. Suitable for Tork® Foam Soap Dispensers.

Fragrance: Alcohol smell

Colour: White foam

System: S4 - Foam Soap System

Volume: 1000 ml

Quantity per carton: 6 x 1000ml

Economical with up to 150% more washes than liquid soap (2,500 doses)

Easy to use - unique soft push dispensing, quick to lather, and effortless to load

Hassle free - sealed cartridge system improves hygiene and prevents drips and blockages


Compatible with dispenser code 561500 (white), 561508 (black), 561600 (Intuition Sensor white), 561608 (Intuition Sensor, black)


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