Ultraslim Hand Towels

Ultraslim Hand Towels

Are you looking for ultraslim hand towels for your everyday needs?

Kaplan Distributors presents you with the best range of premium-quality ultraslim towels for all your needs. We have a superior selection of ultra-slim paper towels that offer several advantages in various environments. Ultra slim hand towels are designed to be exceptionally thin and compact. This slim profile makes them an excellent choice for areas with limited space, such as small washrooms, kitchens, or workstations. Their compactness allows for efficient storage and dispensing, maximising available space. Despite their slim construction, ultra slim hand towels are highly absorbent. They are engineered with advanced technology that enhances their absorbency capabilities, allowing for effective hand drying with fewer sheets.

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Our towels come with an excellent absorption capacity to increase your hygiene levels and reduce consumption with efficient solutions. Our range of ultraslim hand towels is handpicked by experts and is highly renowned for its quality and credibility. The towels are easy to carry, use and dispose of. The pulp used to manufacture the towel is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and the FSC certification is proof of it. Many of our products are also endorsed by HACCP to be food friendly. Kaplan Distributors’ ultraslim hand towels are highly cost-efficient. The products provide a rapid and efficient drying experience, making them more sustainable and valuable than machine air dryers. Choose and start buying from our stunning range today to transform the hygiene standards of your workplace.

Some Amazing Features of our Ultraslim Hand Towels

Kaplan Distributors’ ultraslim hand towels have some amazing features that make them better than the rest. Our products are among the best in the industry today, with high-quality fabrics that are soft and easy to use.

Here are some fantastic features of our ultraslim hand towels:
  1. They facilitate compliance and control.
  2. They are easy to refill, which reduces maintenance time.
  3. We provide high-capacity folded paper towels that are easy to use, manage and maintain.
  4. Single-sheet dispensing ensures that the users touch the towels only once – which promotes good hygiene while reducing wastage.

Our ultraslim hand towels are ideal for kitchens, cafeterias, and lunchrooms. Each pack contains hundreds of ideally sized paper towels for optimum use.

The Florin Extra Large hand towels have an unfolded length of 36.5 cm. Users pull out fewer Florin towels than the usual ultraslim hand towels - which reduces the amount of consumption and wastage. Kaplan Distributors’ ultraslim hand towels have excellent abruption capacity and can be used around the food without any worries. Start buying from our range of hand towels today and explore our other products to see what suits you the best.

Buy Ultraslim Hand Towels from Kaplan Distributors

Kaplan Distributors is among Australia’s best suppliers of ultraslim hand towels with vast experience in sourcing the product. We provide fragrance-free towels that are entirely safe to use and suit people with allergies and skin conditions without any hassles. Experience a premium hand drying experience with ultraslim hand towels superior to today’s machine air dryers. Many of our products are made in Australia and are available in multiple sizes and pack types. If you need ultraslim hand towels for everyday use in workplaces or have a large order for an event, contact Kaplan Distributors for the best deals. Allow our customer care executives to help you with any assistance you need. Please write to us as we value your feedback and constantly look to improve and evolve.