Tork Hand Towels

Tork Hand Towel

Looking for a reliable supplier for Tork paper towels?

Kaplan Distributors is a premium supplier of Tork hand towels. A soft and highly absorbent towel that minimises wastage by ensuring fewer towels are used per hand dry. It is an advanced interfold towel engineered for high functionality.

Tork is a renowned brand known for its high-quality hygiene solutions, and their Tork hand towel range is no exception. Tork hand towel rolls are specifically designed to provide superior hand drying performance in various environments, from commercial establishments to healthcare facilities.

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Tork hand towel rolls offer several key features that make them a preferred choice for efficient and hygienic hand drying.

  • Firstly, their unique embossed design enhances absorbency, ensuring that each sheet quickly and effectively absorbs moisture from the hands. This results in thorough hand drying, promoting good hand hygiene practices and reducing the risk of bacterial transfer.
  • The Tork hand towel rolls are available in different options to meet specific needs. Whether it's the Tork paper towel or the Tork roll towel, businesses can choose the product that best suits their requirements.
  • The versatility of the Tork hand towel rolls allows them to be used in a variety of dispensers, ensuring easy and controlled sheet release for users.
  • Tork Hand Towel Rolls are also known for their durability. The high-quality paper material used in their construction ensures that they remain intact during use, minimising wastage and providing a reliable hand drying experience. The durability of Tork Hand Towel Rolls also means less frequent refills, reducing maintenance efforts and costs for businesses.

We provide you with Tork hand towel rolls for comfortable hand drying and gentle cleansing qualities. These towels are suitable for Tork Dispensers and are ideal for medium-traffic washrooms. You can use these towel rolls for your home and small offices, restaurants or commercial centres with medium traffic.

Our Tork hand towels fit small washrooms and help you maintain the required hygiene standards. These towels are ideal for avoiding touch during disease outbreaks and pandemics. They are easy to use, carry and dispose of. Many of our products are FSC certified – which means the pulp is sourced from responsibly managed forests. HACCP has also endorsed many of our products as safe to be used around food. Many Tork hand towel rolls are also ideal for food manufacturing and handling facilities. Explore our incredible range of hand towels and start buying from our website today.

Amazing Features that make Tork Hand Towel Rolls a Must-Buy

Kaplan Distributors provides you with premium-quality Tork hand towel rolls. Many of our towel rolls come with a 2-ply towel which provides optimum absorbency. The towels are soft and effective in fast hand drying.

Other features that make the Tork hand towel a great buy are:

  1. High-quality fabric that provides a gentle feel to the hands.
  2. By providing one towel at a time, the Tork hand towel roll reduces the amount of consumption and wastage. This also increases the hygiene standards of your home and commercial workplace.
  3. It is an ideal hand-wiping product for basic needs and can be used conveniently daily.

The Tork hand towel is an economic value-for-money option. It is highly cost-effective for the quality of service it provides. Kaplan Distributors has been dealing with the product for a long time and assures you of excellent service.

Buy Tork Hand Towels from Kaplan Distributors

With their superior absorbency, durability, and compatibility with various dispensers, Tork hand towel rolls deliver a reliable and user-friendly experience. By choosing Tork, businesses can elevate their hand hygiene practices and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Kaplan Distributors provides Tork hand towels in various patterns and designs. Among them, the leaf pattern is one of our most popular designs. All other designs are highly aesthetic and pleasing to the eye too. The Tork towel packs are easy to open, flatten, and carry away. We also have the Tork Matic system available if you need a high-capacity Tork hand towel roll for high-traffic places and big commercial centres. All our towel rolls require less maintenance and are appropriate for food contact. Increase the hygiene levels of your home and commercial spaces with Kaplan Distributors’ premium products designed for all your needs. Explore our entire website and find out more about our Tork hand towels by visiting individual pages of all our products. Feel free to contact Kaplan Distributors for more information.