Roll Towels

Roll Towels

Are you looking for high-quality paper hand towel rolls?

Roll towels, also known as paper towel rolls or hand towel rolls, are indispensable products in various settings where hand hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. Roll towels are designed to quickly absorb moisture, making them ideal for drying hands effectively. Their absorbent properties ensure that hands are thoroughly dried with ease, promoting good hand hygiene and reducing the risk of bacterial transfer.

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Kaplan Distributors offers a fantastic range of roll towels. Renowned for their high quality and efficient hand-drying qualities, our towels are from the best brands available in Australia.

We have ideally sized sheets for every roll, and many of our products are certified by HACCP International. The products from our range are ideal for use in high-traffic commercial spaces, offices, workplaces, restaurants and shops. Manage your workplace hygiene compliance better with our range of hand towel rolls. All our towels are highly efficient and offer quick hand-drying solutions. We have many roll options for busy workplaces – which provide you with enough towels while helping you maintain the hygiene standards of your workplace. Our versatile paper hand towel rolls are easy to refill, which helps reduce maintenance time. Many of the products in our range are certified by FSC as well. Explore our wide range of towel rolls and buy from Kaplan Distributors today.

Benefits of Hand Towel Rolls

Kaplan Distributors’ roll towers are ideal for workplaces with heavy traffics on most days. Regardless of the number of people who visit your washrooms, it is easy to maintain hygiene standards with high-quality products available in large packs for a highly competitive price.

Some benefits of our roll towels are:

  1. They are highly effective in supporting your workplace traffic.
  2. The products are made from high-quality materials which are highly sustainable and suitable for all skin types.
  3. A high-capacity hand towel system to reduce maintenance time.
  4. A fantastic range of mechanical as well as electronic dispensers.
  5. The electronic dispensers easily control the number of towels dispensed to reduce wastage and overuse.
  6. Variety of packs, each case containing multiple hand towel rolls and each roll containing multiple towels.

Our best paper hand towel rolls are from the Tork and Kimberly-Clark range of hard roll towels. Make your workplace more efficient with this range of safe and hygienic washroom products. Choose from Kaplan Distributors’ range of mechanical and electronic dispensers to uplift your hygiene standards today.

Buy the Best from Kaplan Distributors

Kaplan Distributors provides you with the best range of roll towels. Our highly dedicated and experienced team handpicks the best products for you and is there to help and guide you in case of any confusion. We have a wide range of washroom products that have been designed to make your workplace more hygienic and productive at the same time. Our hand towel rolls are ideal for food manufacturing and processing markets, clubs, education facilities and other high-traffic places. With many customised options, we aim to make Australia’s workplaces and commercial centres more hygienic and pleasant.

Hand towel rolls provide a hygienic option for hand drying. Each user can easily tear off a fresh sheet, eliminating the need to share towels and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. We have many options for you depending on the size and capacity of your washroom(s). With a wide range of paper hand towel rolls, you will surely get the ideal product(s) for your workplace. We have a range of easy-to-refill rolls for you to reduce maintenance time. Buy today from our website and let us know your feedback.