Kimberly Clark Dispensers

Kimberly Clark Dispensers

Kaplan Distributors is a highly reputable distributor of Kimberly-Clark products. We have a complete range of Kimberly-Clark dispensers – including soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers and paper towel dispensers.

Kimberly Clark offers a range of high-quality and reliable dispensers, including the Kimberly Clark Soap Dispenser, Kimberly Clark paper towel dispenser, Kimberly Clark hand towel dispenser, and Kimberly Clark air freshener dispenser. These dispensers are designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, providing a seamless and hygienic experience.

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The Kimberly Clark Soap Dispenser ensures easy access to liquid soap while promoting proper hand hygiene. The Kimberly Clark Paper Towel Dispenser and Hand Towel Dispenser offer controlled sheet release, reducing waste and ensuring convenient hand drying. The Kimberly Clark Air Freshener Dispenser helps maintain a fresh and pleasant environment. With Kimberly Clark dispensers, businesses can enhance cleanliness, promote hygiene, and create a positive experience for customers and employees.

With highly useful features such as interchangeable face plate technology – these products offer smart solutions to help you maintain the required hygiene standards.

The Benefits of Our Range of Dispensers:

  1. Kimberly-Clark soap dispensers: These soap dispensers are ideal for getting soap without physically holding and squeezing bottles. It helps maintain hygiene and is ideal for high-traffic places.
  2. Kimberly-Clark hand towel dispensers: These are ideal for keeping hand towels – making them easy to pull out and replace.
  3. Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers: The paper towels are easily managed with the help of this highly innovative range of products from the best washroom dispenser brand.

The Kimberly-Clark dispensers offer touchless operation and can be used for a long time on a single set of batteries. We strive to change how washrooms are used by offering practical and efficient solutions. The dispensers are easy to install and even easier for first-time users.

The Kimberly-Clark soap dispenser holds a large volume of refill cartridges of foam and liquid soap. You can view the soap level in the dispenser, making monitoring very easy. Our dispensers are certified by HACCP International. The designs are highly aesthetic, and the finish is smooth. Explore our entire range and buy the product(s) that suit your needs the most.

Some features of our Kimberly-Clark Dispensers

Our popular products, such as Kimberly-Clark paper towel dispensers, come with unique features. The primary purpose of these dispensers is washroom maintenance with the aid of high-quality solutions. The dispensers have a bracket for wall mounting and come with a fully enclosed system. This helps reduce the chances of disease by isolating the paper from unwanted elements.

Some features of our products, such as Kimberly-Clark hand towel dispensers and soap dispensers, are:

They are highly sustainable as they reduce paper consumption – thanks to controlled dispensing. The single-sheet dispensing system ensures you only touch the sheet you use. This ensures hygiene.We have other highly useful products, such as a dispenser floor stand to keep the dispenser in a demarcated place. The rolls are highly compatible with most standard-size toilet rolls. The Kimberly-Clark dispensers are lockable as well, and this helps reduce wastage. The Kimberly-Clark hand towel dispensers are easy to load. With a viewing window, it is easy to check the number of towels before refilling. It helps you manage your inventory in the best way possible – saving time and money and helping the users’ convenience.

Start Buying from our Kimberly-Clark Range Today Kaplan Distributors provides the best Kimberly-Clark dispensers, which are easy to maintain. We have a large stock of products and always have enough to help you manage your inventory.

Buy now from our website and let our customer care team know if you need help. Contact Kaplan Distributors today for detailed product information, orders, queries or feedback.