KLEENEX Compact Hand Towels 4440 - Folded Paper Towels - 24 Packs x 90 White Paper Hand Towels (2160 towels)

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KLEENEX® Compact Hand Towels 4440 - Folded Paper Towels - 24 Packs x 90 White Paper Hand Towels (2,160 towels)

Maximise washroom space and deliver a premium user experience with KLEENEX® Compact Hand Towels. Designed for tight spaces, these folded paper towels deliver absorbency and softness

Brand: Kleenex

Code: 4440

Colour: White

Unfolded Width: 19.0 cm

Unfolded Length: 29.5 cm

Folded Width: 19.0 cm

Folded Length: 5.0 cm

Quantity per Case: 24 packs per case

Quantity per Pack: 90 towels per pack

Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar KLEENEX® brand, designed to deliver an unrivalled experience while supporting high workplace hygiene standards. KLEENEX® Compact Hand Towels are designed with smaller washrooms in mind. These compact folded paper towels are ideal for tight spaces . These folded paper hand towels are quick and easy to refill which can help to minimise maintenance time. Dispensing one paper towel at a time ensures the user touches only the towel they use promoting good hygiene in the workplace and can help to reduce waste and overuse. Each KLEENEX® Folded Hand Towel has a soft texture combined with absorbency, providing a premium experience for the user. Proudly made in Australia and FSC® certified The white paper towels are also certified by HACCP International. Each case contains 24 packs and each pack contains 90 white paper towels. Individual sheet size: 29.5cm x 19cm. These KLEENEX® Compact Folded Paper Towels are compatible with AQUARIUS® compact towel dispensers in white (70240) and black (70007) and KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® compact hand towel dispenser in white and grey (4969) and stainless steel (4970). KLEENEX® 4440 Compact Hand Towels by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL®, form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace

Compatible with Kimberly Clark Aquarius Dispenser 70240Kimberly Clark Stainless Steel Dispenser 4970 & Kimberly Clark Metal Dispenser 4969

Proudly made in Australia and FSC® certified

ISO 14001 accredited

Made using AIRFLEX Technology

This product has received HACCP Certification