Compact Hand Towels

Compact Hand Towel

Kaplan Distributors provides you with the best range of compact hand towels that are easy to use. Wipe your hands and efficiently manage any spills with our stunning range of towels.

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These towels are highly absorbent and are equipped with quick-drying technology for a hassle-free experience. Many of our products come with single-sheet dispensing to reduce waste and cross-contamination. Our small-hand towels are made from sustainable sources such as recycled and FSC certified virgin fibre. Many of our products are made in Australia and are highly suitable for offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, hotels and events. We have various products in different sizes and pack types to suit your needs depending on your organisation's infrastructure. Our Scott compact hand towels are environmentally friendly. With a valuable range of products, we aim to improve the hygiene standards of your workplace.

Features of our Compact Hand Towels

Many of Kaplan Distributors’ compact hand towels come with Through-Air Drying (TAD) technology, making them highly efficient and reliable. The technology allows faster absorbency and dries hands more effectively. This also reduces towel consumption, as users don’t need to pull out multiple towels for a single wipe.

Other features of our compact hand towels are:

  • (1) The fabric material of our small hand towels is very soft and fragrance-free. This makes it ideal for use, even for people with allergies and skin conditions.
  • (2) Our single-sheet towels ensure that users only touch them once – which helps promote good hygiene and avoids overuse.
  • (3) Our SCOTT compact hand towels are designed for tight spaces and help maximise washroom space. These towels and their dispensers are ideal for spaces that cannot accommodate traditionally sized hand towel dispensers.
  • (4) Because of their efficient operation, our towels support compliance and control better – making your organisation more efficient and uplifting its hygiene standards.
  • (5) Our folded-paper compact hand towels are quick and easy to refill.

Explore all the towel types on our website and choose the one(s) that suit your requirements the most. Buy today and get amazing deals and discounts.

Buy Compact Hand Towels only from Kaplan Distributors

Kaplan Distributors provides individuals and companies with exceptional incentives and deals on compact hand towels. We provide you with highly sustainable, fragrance-free, and biodegradable hand towels which are ideal for the environment. Our small hand towels are an excellent replacement for large-sized hand towels as they optimise space and provide equivalent or better performance than other products available.

Kaplan Distributors’ compact hand towels are growing in popularity in Australia’s food and hospitality industry because of their hygiene assurance. While being highly absorbent, our products are high strength. Our small hand towels are also highly aesthetic and beautifully designed. Contact Kaplan Distributors for bulk requirements for your organisation or event and get a free quote from us instantly.