Kimberly Clark Hand Towels

Kimberly Clark Hand Towels

If you are looking for a reliable Kimberley Clark hand towels supplier, end your search with Kaplan Distributors. We are premium suppliers of this wonderful brand which has garnered rave reviews over the years. We provide hand towels of various sizes and quantities. The most outstanding features of these towels are their hygiene and efficiency.

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Kimberly-Clark roll towels are a trusted and reliable choice for efficient hand drying and cleanliness. These roll towels are designed with advanced technology to deliver high absorbency, allowing for quick and effective drying. With Kimberly-Clark's commitment to quality, their roll towels are durable, soft, and reliable, ensuring a pleasant user experience. Designed to fit seamlessly into compatible dispensers, Kimberly-Clark roll towels offer easy access and controlled sheet release, minimising waste and promoting hygiene. Whether in commercial or industrial settings, Kimberly-Clark roll towels are a preferred choice for maintaining cleanliness, promoting hand hygiene, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Advantages of Kimberly Clark Paper Hand Towels

Kimberley Clark paper hand towels are FSC certified, which means the material has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. Many of the products in this range come with AIRFLEX technology, which guarantees a more effective drying experience.

Our disposable paper hand towels are also certified by HACCP International for sustainability and use around food items. Maintain high hygiene standards at your office, shop, retail centre, institution or hotel with our stunning range of Kimberley Clark hand towels. The KLEENEX multi-fold hand towels are ideal for premium washrooms where the experience is essential. These hand towels from Kimberley Clark are highly paper-efficient as they dispense one paper towel at a time. This reduces the amount of consumption and wastage and makes it an ideal product for high-traffic washrooms that require premium towels.

Get Kimberley Clark Hand Towels for Premium Use

Kaplan Distributors recommends Kimberley Clark hand towels to business owners that believe in providing premium experiences. These products are designed to provide ultimate comfort without compromising on the quality of service. They are also highly sustainable and efficient for daily use. We provide Kimberley Clark paper hand towels in various sizes and roll pack variants. The paper towel is highly versatile and can be used throughout the workplace. The KLEENEX range has an option of mechanical and electronic touchless dispensers. We provide highly customised options depending on your infrastructure and other requirements. This range has a 4-ply reinforced structure that ensures superior strength and high absorbency levels. A premium hand towel by Kimberly Clark comes with Airflex technology for efficient hand-drying and has an ultra-soft texture for a luxurious feel. Maintain high levels of hygiene while providing your customers, employees and visitors with the ultimate amount of comfort.

Buy Kimberly Clark Paper Hand Towels from Kaplan Distributors

The Kimberly Clark hand towel range is the softest and most substantial range of highly absorbent and sustainable towels. The dispensers are easy to load and can be topped up to reduce maintenance time. This Towel range is for you if you are looking for another highly absorbent, quick-drying, and soft Kimberly Clark hand towel. These towels dry hands very quickly and soak up the water with the utmost ease. These durable towels are ideal for premium washrooms and come in exquisite designs which make for excellent viewing. Make hygiene a habit with highly efficient and sustainable towels from Kaplan Distributors. For the best range of Kimberly Clark paper hand towels, buy from our website or get in touch with Kaplan Distributors today. Feel free to discuss your requirements and let us know how we can help you by reaching out to us.