Tork® Xpressnap Countertop Napkin Dispenser Black N4 (64320)

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Tork® Xpressnap Countertop Napkin Dispenser Black N4 (64320) | Tork Products

System: N4 - Tork Xpressnap Disp System

Material: Plastic

Height: 153 mm

Width: 200 mm

Depth: 321 mm

Colour: Black


The Tork Xpressnap® Counter Napkin Dispenser, ideal for limited service restaurants that offer napkins at a central location. This modern dispenser delivers napkins one-at-a-time, improving hygiene and reducing napkin consumption by at least 25%, when compared to traditional dispenser napkins systems.

Versatile design, can be positioned vertically or horizontally for added flexibility where countertop space is limited. 

AD-A-Glance® customizable display window serves as an advertising tool to promote your products and engage with your guests 

Made with durable and easy to clean materials that reduce maintenance and labor costs.

Compatible with 2310917 & 2297323

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