KIMTECH PREP SCOTTPURE Wipers 8 Packs (6151)

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SIZE: 30.5 x 58.4cm

  • Quantity per Case: 8 boxes per case
  • Quantity per Pack: 50 wipers per pack


A durable solvent resistant wiper suitable for all aviation surface and component cleaning applications.


• Approved for use in a range of critical OEM and MRO aviation wiping applications

• Exceptionally clean product that contains no binders, chemical residue, or contaminants that can result in surface damage or rework

• Tackles aggressive solvents without falling apart

• Low linting performance helps minimise the occurrence of defects and cross contamination from particulate matter

• Exceptional absorbency results in wiping jobs being completed faster and more effectively

• A high strength blend of rayon and polyester fibres makes the wiper less likely to snag on parts or sharp corners

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